Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kate Nash

I discover most of my music from listening to MPR's The Current or from Pandora. Both things. Services? I dunno. Fabulous in any case. I heard Kate Nash for the first time this morning while streaming The Current.

I love the beatbox beats and the piano in this song is a nice touch. I mostly get into songs because of an interesting rhythm to the lyrics. On a not-so-side not, I also love her accent. Love it.

Some of her music kind of reminds me of Regina Spektor, who I also love. Kate's song Merry Happy especially sounds like it could be sung by Spektor. After watching the video above, head on over to Kate Nash's myspace page and give her a listen! I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Andrew Bird

I spent most of July 2005 listening to Andrew Bird's The Mysterious Production of Eggs. My sister sent it to me while Kate and I were out of the country. It's a great album, but it's definitely taken a back seat to others over the past few years. With the release of this new CD entitled Noble Beast, my interest in this Chicao-based violinist has been renewed. Thank God for that!

In listening to some new songs on Andrew's MySpace page, I came across this video showcasing some awesome, Casio-enhanced fiddling. He's even playing at our very own Guthrie Proscenium stage! Yayness!

Check out his MySpace page for more awesome videos and a taste of the new album.