Friday, October 19, 2007

Still Alive

This was a triumph.
I’m making a note here,
It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction…

…with this song. Portal is possibly the best first-person experience on the market right now. Innovative game play combined with a heavy dose of black humor, the game ends with the robot mastermind behind the vexing puzzles and deadly traps singing a song to you. Shortly after giving killing you a go, the Aperture Science supercomputer sings this fantastic little song to you as the closing credits roll. Anyway, this song was a great learning experience for me. It taught me that…

…There’s no use crying over every mistake.
I’ll just keep on posting
‘Till I run out of cake.
And the Blogging gets done
And I write a neat one
For the people who are
Still alive.

I Lived on the Kwoon

Doing some random browsing I came across a YouTube video for Kwoon’s song “I Lived on the Moon”.


I’m a sucker for really well done 3D animation as well as animation that appears to combine multiple media. Coupled with music that sounds like Radiohead at their dreamiest, “I Lived on the Moon” is a beautiful walk through a dream scape. As far as I can tell, the song is about a father cautioning his son against letting other people take away his ability to dream and experience the dream world. The music is sublime, the symbolism is great, the choreography is fantastic, and the plant guy reminds me of a character in one of my childhood dreams. I don’t know much about Kwoon, but I do know an awesome song when I hear one.

Low Skies

Long a friend of mine, Brandon Invergo recently released an album entitled Low Skies. For the past few weeks, it’s been my play list of choice while slogging through the Help Desk emails at the District Off-world Technology Mining Complex (DOTMC). Brandon really did a fantastic job with this album. Never adding even a single beat that needn't be there, he creates a wonderful sonic flow both within and between each song on this album. Anyone interested in classic electronic (the kind popularized by Orbital and their ilk) should give this a good listening.